Mounds Park United Methodist Church, St. Paul, MN

Pastorís Welcome
I invite you to experience this unique faith community
located on the east side of St. Paul!
Mounds Park Church is a place where strong and lasting relationships are formed, where itís easy to belong, where people know your name and miss you when youíre away. Itís an extended family, where children and youth are loved and encouraged to fully participate. Itís an authentic place where persons ďwalk their talkĒ, live out their values, and are open and honest about who they are. Mounds Park Church is multi-cultural, celebrates diversity, respects differences, and welcomes all. This is a place of grace where we believe that Godís love is unlimited, Godís embrace unrestricted, and Godís grace is unconditionally available to all. Itís a safe place where people bring their questions, explore their faith, and seek truth together in worship and small groups. Itís a servant church fully engaged in hands-on mission with its community. Mounds Park is committed to its surrounding neighborhoods seeking to be a vital partner in community development. We often ask the question; ďIs this good news to the poor?Ē Here at Mounds Park we believe all are called to serve. Itís a mutual ministry where authority is shared and persons are empowered to lead in directions where God is calling. We are a United Methodist Church which embodies these central themes: ďWelcome Home!, You are Loved!, Letís eat!, Go do it in the name of Jesus Christ!Ē
I look forward to greeting you personally,
Pastor Dennis
Mission Statement:

"We are a Christ-centered church of the neighborhood
reaching out in love and justice
with the Good News of Jesus Christ."